Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Go Ahead and put your fares up / Totton to be teeming with 10s

Bluestar and Wilts & Dorset are putting their fares up again as of 18th March. Southampton Dayrider is up to £3.40. Eastleigh Dayrider is up to £3.60. Solent Dayrider is unchanged at £6.50, while the Explorer is up to £8 making it the same price on Bluestar and W&D. Full details of Bluestar's other ticket prices (excluding of course singles and returns) here. Over at W&D, Southampton to Salisbury on the X7 rises to £5.50 single/£7.40 return and Lymington to Bournemouth on the X1/X2 goes up to £5.50 single/£7.60 return. Their Explorer stays at £8.

More details have emerged about First's new Southampton network, which starts on 29th April. These are the additional routes that have been registered:

2 Lordshill-Thornhill/Townhill Park
X2 City Centre-Millbrook (fast via Freemantle, not Shirley)
10 City Centre-Totton (via Upper Shirley)

The X2 is a clear and innovative attack on Bluestar 18, offering new direct journeys from Millbrook into town. This suggests that the 2 will run to something like the current 17/17A route between town and Lordshill. The 10 looks just like the current 4, but could cause confusion in that Totton already has a 10, operated by Bluestar. It's also not clear if it will run to Totton College or terminate at Asda.

We'll let you know as soon as we hear about the exact routes to be taken and of course the timetables.


  1. X2 route likes very similar to Hants and Dorset 35 of many years ago. Still it looks a good bet, Not to sure about first playing with numbers - confusing for many travellers

  2. Looking at the destinations I am guessing the 2s will turn into 7s in Townhill Park and back to town.

  3. I'm still unsure on Harefield will be served on the new network (not that that area affects me anyway) the only way I can think of is that it's served on the new 3 route and then continue on to Thornhill Fairfax, but not continuing down onto Hightown