Thursday, 22 September 2011

Stagecoach confirm cuts

Stagecoach have confirmed that the Hampshire County Council-induced cuts will take effect on their routes as of Sunday 30th October. As well as many Winchester local routes, the following routes in our region are affected:

32/33 Romsey circular
46 Southampton-Winchester
66 Romsey-Winchester
69 Winchester-Fareham

The changes are summarised in previous posts. Once Stagecoach make the full new timetables available, we'll analyse them and will recap the major points.

So far no mention on the websites of Velvet, Xelabus, W&D, Bluestar, Brijan Tours or First of the cuts which are coming very soon to those of their routes which are subsidised by HCC. We'll keep an eye on them all for you. To make this flood of cuts easier to follow, the panel on the right (which always appears at the top of the page, unlike previous posts) will be constantly updated with a list of all known upcoming changes in chronological order.


  1. Rumours that are going around:

    - First8A will extend to the Central Station and also in the evenings it will continue to Botley.

    - First16 timetable won't change

    - 'A' route to be operated by Velvet in the evenings.

  2. Thanks for these! We'll keep an eye out for official confirmation. Our source for the 16 change was a change of registration details at the Department of Transport, which could just be a diversion for roadworks or something. We like to alert people to such possible changes until we know there are definitely no significant amendments. Like a certain news channel, we like to think we're never wrong for long!

  3. You are more than welcome.

    Thanks for the awesome blog.

    According to their facebook page, First will announce these changes next week.

    I personally think it is a good thing to extend the 8A to the train station.