Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Cuts are coming: more details

The coming cuts are worse than we thought. According to a Hampshire County Council document we've seen, the following cuts are almost certain to be imposed, as well as those listed in the previous post:

H1/H2/H3 (Hythe local services)
These will no longer run on Saturdays. Some weekday journeys will also be cut.

W&D X7 (Southampton-Salisbury)
Some rush hour journeys will be cut.

Bluestar 6, 10 and 11 (Southampton-Lymington & Southampton-Cadnam)
These will all be cut to one bus an hour (that's just one on the combined 10/11, half the current frequency) and they could be combined into one hourly route running via Cadnam to Lyndhurst and Lymington. This would cut Rushington, Foxhills and Ashurst off apart from the off-peak Totton shopper route T2, which only has three journeys a day and doesn't run at weekends.

Bluestar 12 (Southampton-Calmore)
Sunday evening journeys will be withdrawn.

W&D 34/36 (Romsey-Salisbury)
These will be severely cut to cater for schools and shoppers only. The 34 will no longer run through to Eastleigh on Saturdays (the 65 will run every 2 hours). The 36 will be slashed to run on a maximum of 4 days a week.

Stagecoach 46 (Southampton-Winchester)
Several journeys will be cut, the Saturday service will be withdrawn completely and the route will be curtailed to only run between Winchester and the General Hospital. Chilworth and Nursling will be cut off from public transport, but might be offered a taxi share scheme.

W&D 65 (Eastleigh-Romsey)
Several journeys will be cut.

First 72 (Southampton-Gosport)
Several journeys will be cut, particularly on Sundays.

First 80 (Southampton-Fareham)
Several journeys will be cut, particularly on Sundays.

W&D 119 (Lymington-Pennington)
The frequency of this already part-time service will be halved to just hourly.

No date has yet been set for these to take effect but it should be by the end of November. We'll let you know as soon as we have more.

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