About us

This site is here to make it easier for you to find out about changes to any of Southampton's bus routes. Time was when there were just two bus companies that only changed their timetables twice a year. Those days are gone. We now have no less than eight bus companies operating in our region, each with the legal right to change their timetables whenever they want. To keep up with all of them means keeping an eye on a lot of places. Or at least it did, until Southampton Bus Update came along. Quite simply, we monitor what the local bus companies and local councils (who subsidise many bus services) are saying and compile all that information into one page.

And there's more. There's a list of useful public transport links right beneath this mission statement. At the top of the panel on the right is a list of pages that accompany the main blog. One is a directory of all bus services in the region, detailing who operates them and where they run. Not sure what bus goes to your area? Hold down the 'Control' button and press 'F' then type in the area you want to travel to. Your browser will then jump to the relevant bus routes in the comprehensive list.

I should add that we are completely independent and impartial. This page is not owned by or affiliated to any bus company or local authority.

We hope you find this page useful and welcome your comments at sotonbus@gmail.com


  1. Can I use City Council's solent card on Xelabus

  2. I think you mean the Solent Travelcard, which is valid on Xelabus. That ticket is about to be rebranded as Solent Go, so it is probably worth checking with Xelabus directly whether they will still accept it after the change. There's a link to their website in the panel on the right.

  3. whilst i love the site and do find it useful, could you avoid the text colour scheme in use above? It's very hard to read, more so if you have sight issues.

  4. I hear you, anon at 0941. The colour scheme has been changed. Thanks for letting me know :-)

    1. Will you be reviewing the new Solent Go soon?

  5. HI - do you have any news yet on what is going to happen to the E1/2 when wheelers withdraw in a couple of weeks ?

  6. Thanks for the site. The info is really useful.