Friday, 9 December 2016

Yellow Buses full network recast

First have announced their plans for Christmas and New Year: see details for Southampton here and Fareham/Portsmouth here.

So far Stagecoach and Yellow Buses are still to announce how they will be running over the festive period. A summary of the plans we do know about can be found here and will also appear as daily summary posts on this blog from 23rd December.

One of the reasons Yellow Buses are taking so long with their Christmas plans is that they have been busy working on a revamp of their entire network. Details haven't yet appeared on their website, but the Bournemouth Echo has reported that all but four of Yellow's routes will change on 15th January 2017. Details and the new timetables are already on Traveline, so here's a quick summary of the new routes. Click the route numbers for the new timetables:

[UPDATE 11.12.2016: Yellow Buses have issued this new network map. I've amended the below listings to reflect that the 18 will be the Heath Line and the 20 is the Dolphin Line. Yellow Buses have also issued their Christmas & New Year service alterations.]

Bourne (services via Winton):
B1: Bournemouth Town Centre-Bournemouth Airport
B2: Bournemouth-Bearwood
B3: Bournemouth-Castlepoint
B4: Bournemouth-Ringwood

Coast C1: Bournemouth-Alum Chine

Priory (services to Boscombe & Christchurch)
P1: Bournemouth-Somerford
P2: Bournemouth-Christchurch
P3: Bournemouth-Somerford

Royal (services to the Royal Bournemouth Hospital)
R1: Poole-Bournemouth Hospital
R2: Poole-Bournemouth Hospital
R4: Somerford-Bearwood

Uni (Services to Bournemouth University, competing against More's Unibus network)
U5: Bournemouth-Bournemouth University
U6: Bournemouth-Bearwood
U7: Bournemouth-Bearwood
U9: Poole-Boscombe
U10: Poole-Boscombe

Village (services to Turbary Common)
V1: Bournemouth-Kinson
V2: Bournemouth-Kinson

Staying the same:
Heath 18: Bournemouth-Broadstone

Dolphin 20: Poole-Castlepoint

33: Bournemouth-Christchurch

36: Talbot View-Kinson


  1. The new Bluestar 1 buses look great!They have even got tables!

    1. No new Bluestar 1 buses about on Sunday!Wonder why?

    2. They are waiting for all the buses to arrive.

  2. Yellow Buses have finally published a diagram of their new routes on their website ( ) and it turns out that the "Dolphin" and "Heath" routes are just routes 20 and 18. The use of pink routes with the letter "U" serving the university is ridiculous, as this could easily be confused with the official University (Unibus) services.

    Also, the Christmas timetables are now available at

  3. Stagecoach have published their Christmas & New Year plans but they're rather hidden on the website.

    You can view all of Stagecoach South's Christmas plans:

    Winchester's specific ones are:

    1. The journey planner also works for all days over Christmas - for example it shows just the Stagecoach journeys on Activ8 running on Boxing Day and gives early finishes etc. where applicable

  4. Services 18, 20, 33, and 36 are tendered services and have all been involved in public consultations that have finished, but not worked through to the final decisions, so it was deemed unacceptable by the tendering authorities for their service numbers to be changed mid process. Any changes to the tendered services will be implemented in May and it is then that these services should move in to the Alphabetical series where appropriate.
    Additionally services V3 V4 and R3 should appear on Traveline this week, to complete the changes.
    Ken - Traveline Data Co-ordinator (Dorset)

    1. Hey Ken, it seems that the B4 timetable may be showing Saturday for M-F and vice versa? Seems a little illogical otherwise.

    2. Hi. Thanks, It does look odd but Monday to Friday the service uses two buses between and after schools whereas on Saturday its two buses all day, so a much better service Saturday than Monday to Friday.
      Ken - Traveline

    3. Hi Ken,

      The V4 has not loaded correctly - shows 5a and 5b.

      Many thanks

    4. Hi
      Yes spotted that thanks, it's fixed in todays data build.
      Keep 'em coming - Ken

  5. U10 timetable is pointing to the Torpoint Ferry.

    1. Yes sorry a typo in the link so the system couldn't find the connection and defaulted to the lowest numbered file in the database which happens to be the Torpoint Ferry. U9 has the same problem. It's fixed ready for the next update which isn't until 5 January.