Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Salisbury Park & Ride changes from Monday 7th Nov

Motorists who avail themselves of the Park & Ride facilities in Salisbury should take note that timetables are changing on Salisbury Reds Park & Ride routes 3, 7 and 11 from next Monday.

Full details here.


  1. Rather bemused to see Bluestar giving out free travel to BS7 users,saying the service had been well received.It be welcomed,but do Sholing residents patronise in Large numbers?Probably not!otherwise we may have seen an improvement by now.By that I mean more/later journeys being added.

    1. Or maybe theres not enough demand for more or later journeys but enough to sustain the current level of service?

      Or in other words maybe they got the timetable right first time. Unlike First, who by now would probably have changed the timetable five times, rerouted it three times and then withdrawn it again.

      Whenever I see the 7 it looks like it is doing OK.

    2. Depends what you mean by doing OK. Citaros carrying about 10 passholders and the odd farepayer will barely pay for the driver and fuel, let alone overheads.

    3. That remark applies to most services operating within Southampton.However if the various operators are happy with the situation,why should outsiders concern themselves about it.

  2. I agree as the Bluestar 7 operates at present it's doing just fine.Apart from a few Southampton services by any operator,there is no need for late evening journeys,as when they were there hardly anyone used them