Tuesday, 1 September 2015

This weekend: First & Xelabus revamp / Bluestar 7 launches

These are the changes coming up over the next week, including major network overhauls for First and Xelabus:

Wednesday 2nd September
The following route will run for the last time:

Thursday 3rd September
The following routes will run for the last time:

Friday 4th September
The following route will run for the last time:

Saturday 5th September
The following routes will run for the last time:

  • First 5 Bassett Green-Sholing This leaves Swaythling and Bassett Green with no First bus service.
  • Brijan/Xela 7 Southampton-Bishops Waltham to be replaced by Xelabus X10 from 7th September
  • Brijan/Xela 8 Eastleigh-Bishops Waltham to be replaced by Xelabus X9 from 7th September

Sunday 6th September
This route will run for the last time in 2015:

  • Xelabus X24 Bitterne-Paultons Park will be back for summer 2016

New routes launch:

  • Bluestar 7 City Centre-Sholing partly replacing First 5
  • First 10 City Centre-Thornhill competing directly with Bluestar 18
The following routes have new timetables and in some cases amended routes:
  • First 1 City Centre-Adanac Park frequency cut
  • First 2 City Centre-Millbrook
  • First 3 Lordshill-Thonhill
  • First 7 City Centre-Townhill Park
  • First 8 Southampton-Hedge End
  • First 9 City Centre-Sholing rerouted & frequency cut
  • First 12 City Centre-Lordshill route & frequency cut
  • First 13 City Centre-Harefield route change & frequency cut

First have made a little video about their changes:

Monday 7th September
New routes launching:

  • Xelabus X9 Southampton-Bishops Waltham replacing Brijan/Xela 8
  • Xelabus X10 Eastleigh-Bishops Waltham replacing Brijan/Xela 7
  • Xelabus X15 Eastleigh-Hamble replacing Brijan/Xela 8B, 15 and Xelabus X56

The following routes have new timetables:

Wednesday 9th September
New route launching:

  • Xelabus X17 Bishops Waltham-Petersfield replacing Brijan/Xela 17


  1. Good Afternoon

    Just to correct you

    Brijan Service 7 is replaced by Xelabus service X10 not X9 as shown
    Brijan Service 8 is replaced by Xelabus service X9 not X10 as shown

    Don't forget we are running N5 BJT an ex Brijan Dennis Dart on Services 7 and 8 this coming Saturday 5th September. For more details see our web site.

    All our new timetables and maps will be available on our web site from Thursday 3rd September. This should have been earlier but we have had IT issues. Apologies.

    Customer Services
    Xelabus Limited

  2. If these posts really are from Xelabus, why are they always anonymous rather than from an account in the Xelabus name? Anyone can claim to be anyone being anonymous!

    1. If you don't like the posts don't bother visiting this page then

    2. I could say the same for you as you are hiding your name

  3. Thanks for the correction. Once my proper internet correction is restored, I'll correct the post.

    Anyone can stay anonymous if they wish. I don't want to restrict comments to people with Google accounts. The content tends to show whether or not commenters are genuine. I for one am grateful to xelabus for using this page.

    Apologies for the brevity of this comment, using my phone until internet is turned on in my new flat.

  4. Good Morning

    Various persons enter detail on here from my company so anonymous seems appropriate especially when we put Customer Services at the foot of the message. I can guarantee that the message is genuine and I want readers to know the truth rather than rumours running wild.

    Managing Director
    Xelabus Limited

  5. As can be seen from the video everythings going red and where it's not red it's of no importance anymore

  6. The video is hilariously bad. There is no enthusiasm in their voices, and the way that Chrissie Bainbridge says that she's pleased to announce the new 10 route does not correlate with the expression on her face. She couldn't look more miserable if she tried.

  7. Quite agree,She looked like something out of Hammer Horror film and looked as if She was reading from an auto-cue

  8. And the bit in the video re NO changes to X4/X5 doesn't really mean much as they have only just changed for the worse just 1 week ago! Which wasn't mentioned & kept very hush hush!

  9. Indeed there has been a change in the fact that three of the late journeys now terminate in the Titchfield area and no longer run to terminate in Fareham. A simply awful video, which if they decided to make one it should have been with a person capable of promoting the new network.She was about as much use as a chocolate firegaurd in the promotion of the new network.

    1. Is that actually true about journey terminating at Titchfield, or is it a publicity cock-up? Seems a bit strange if true.

    2. Nothing that First do on the sly is strange,such as advertiseing frequencies craftly at upto every so many minutes when in most cases the gap is larger-It's clear in the timetable book that 3 journeys terminate in the Titchfield area,and as the timetables for Mon-Fri Sat and Sun are seperate it would be a bad proof checker not to have spotted the error at least on one of the days.

    3. Traveline does not show any Titchfield shorts. I'm wondering if First Soton are only including journeys that go all the way, as for example on the X4 on a Sun eve T'line is showing some later X4's from Clarence Pier that go to Fareham/Locks Heath only. Not shown in the Soton book!

    4. If this is the case then it's very misleading to the public-you will also note if you view the awful video made it is stated there are no changes to service 7,In fact there are, as certain journeys between 1830 and 2000 on return from Townhill Park that used to terminate at Portswood, all now extend to the City Centre.

  10. Got a bit confused by the First X4 timetable which says a few journeys now terminate in Titchfield. Can First confirm if this is just a case of a useless proof reader or genuine. I have tried to contact them via Facebook but can't post a message on their new page

  11. All part of their exciting new website which is now split between Southampton and Portsmouth which as they state they are very excited about.