Sunday, 26 October 2014

Freebies on route 66 / Bluestar Xmas times

Stagecoach's new timetable and route on the 66 between Romsey and Winchester started today. To celebrate the introduction of evening and Sunday journeys to the route, Stagecoach are giving free evening (after 7pm) and Sunday (all day) travel on route 66 from 2nd to 30th November inclusive.

Someone at Stagecoach has forgotten how many days there are in November.

In addition, local journeys within Romsey are free at all times from 2nd to 8th November inclusive. Quite what counts as "within Romsey" is not specified, so you'll need to ask Stagecoach about that one. See the new timetable here. They have also released a new, much clearer map of the route the new 66 takes in Romsey:

Most journeys will run via either the blue or red route. The orange route is served by a couple of peak hour buses per day on weekdays only.

Bluestar and Unilink have already released their Christmas and New Year bus times, which includes the usual skeleton service on major Bluestar routes (1, 2, 4, 9, 12, 16, 18) on Boxing Day and New Year's Day. Full details here. As more operators reveal their plans, we'll compile them all into one helpful list and of course we'll have the usual daily postings throughout the festive period with comprehensive details of the timetables in operation at all local bus companies each day. Watch this space.

In other news, Hampshire County Council are expected to confirm details of more bus subsidy cuts tomorrow. Evening and Sunday services will be worst hit, but we also hear that First 26 between Hedge End and Fareham is to be cut completely. More as those details are released.


  1. Much better Stagecoach! Perhaps they read read this blog - everyone else seems to.

    1. Oh and the HCC subsidy report has already been published a day early:-

      Some highlights:-
      26 Cut back and merged with the 28
      46 Cut back to N. Baddesley
      Both 6's have Sun funding withdrawn
      X1/2 replaced by commercial service
      X7 Funding withdrawn

    2. Is there a way to find out the frequencies/routes intended for new services? My parents' house's local service (the Andover 79) seems to be being replaced by a new service in the off-peak, but I don't know if it'll actually go to the same place or anything.

  2. I hope after tomorrow you will publish the HCC cuts on this site-I also am informed by a Velvet driver that within the next few months service A will be renumbered as S1 and running from Hedge End through to Lordshill-Confirmation of this, if it's to be so, at some stage would be welcome-PAC

  3. 46 Bus.

    So now the bus which was specificity designed to get the residents of Hiltingbury, North Millers Dale and Valley Park to Southampton General Hospital no longer goes there.

    You know it makes sense !!!!!

    Presumably some bright spark in Hampshire County Council thought the residents of the above areas would be able to use the Wheelers W2 introduced last April, which also went to the General Hospital, in place of the 46.

    Well I have news for Hampshire County Council the W2 was scrapped last month ( September ).

    So now the residents of Hiltingbury, North Millers Dale and Valley Park have no direct or easy way of getting to this Hospital. Well Done Hampshire County Council !!!

  4. Taxi for HCC would be better