Tuesday, 1 April 2014

W56 launches this Thursday / 300 and night buses cut

Hamble, Netley and Hedge End gain a new market day link to Eastleigh from this Thursday. Wheelers W56 will run more or less to the same route as the old First 56 which was withdrawn back in April 2012. It runs only on Thursdays but does restore an additional link to Eastleigh for the market. Full details here.

This Saturday 5th April is the final day of running of Velvet 300 to Ringwood and also Velvet's night buses N6 and N8, all without replacement. If you need to get to and from Ringwood after Saturday, then National Express is your only option, but they do run several times a day.


  1. I am sorry 300 is finishing.,i use it quite regularly and it
    certainly seems well loaded perhaps 15 to 20 passengers
    on first journey to town.what can be expected from something
    recently reactivated-velvet have done a good job

  2. But other journeys such as the 10:30 ex Soton and 16:20 ex Rwood do not, from what I have noticed on sporadic occasions, seem to do so well.
    May be those high figures are misleading. Also some pax are on short trips between Cadnam- Southampton only. I reckon that such custom is unreliable; it's a case of first bus along.

    Much as I am a fan and user of the 300, it is not meant for the east end travellers. Take them out and look at the average loadings, and I can understand Velvet's decision.

  3. The W56 seems to have a very strange intense timetable for just a one day operation,with it seems between some points record speeds will have to be maintained by the driver. PAC