Monday, 23 December 2013

Christmas Eve bus services

Bluestar: Full normal Tuesday service.
Brijan Tours: Normal Tuesday service.
First: Tuesday service with early finish at about 2000.
MoreNormal Tuesday service.
Salisbury RedsNormal Tuesday service.
StagecoachNormal Tuesday service.
Unilink: Vacation Saturday service with early finish at about 2100. Weekday service on route U9.
Velvet: Full normal Tuesday service.
Wheelers: Normal Tuesday service.
Xelabus: Normal Tuesday service.

Last bus times on First:

Last bus times on Unilink:

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  1. May I wish Southampton Bus Update,all the contributors to this site and all the bus companies and their staff a very Happy Christmas and Happy New Year. I hope for 2014 an early end will come too all the roadworks that are at present causing much delay too all bus operators in the area, and that in 2014 changes too timetables and routes will be less frequent. A more stable operation of bus services may bring back some confidence too the general public, in the fact that some of them may be willing too use the bus more often again. PAC