Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Marwell: Velvet M returns

UPDATE 27th March: Velvet now mention the M on their website.

Marwell Zoo's website declares that Velvet M starts this Friday, but there's a problem. No-one seems to have told Velvet - there is not a mention on their website. Traveline also seems to not know anything about the M.

If you're thinking of going to Marwell this weekend, check with Velvet first.


  1. Wednesday, 3.30pm: The timetable is now on the Velvet website. There's a link from the homepage, with a picture of a toucan or something similar.
    Starts Good Friday, then SSuBH until 14 July, then daily from 20 July until 1 September. The times look the same as last year, but I think then it ran SSuBH throughout.

  2. Thanks Steve, good to know it is running after all.

  3. I'm going to the zoo tomorrow. I'll let everyone know how the bus ride goes.

    1. I didnt travel in the end. It was too cold - sorry.

  4. He never came back !!

  5. I saw the first bus of the season which ran spot on time,and with around a dozen passengers.The rest of the Easter weekend it was also well used. Remember,you get a discount on entry to Marwell when showing a valid Purple ticket issued that day.