Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Wilts & Dorset name to disappear

Wilts & Dorset has been a familiar name to bus users in those counties and here in Hampshire for decades, but those words will soon be no more, as a look at their website explains:

The Bournemouth & Poole operation, which also includes Lymington, is becoming More. The Salisbury operation, which includes W&D's services in Romsey, is changing to Salisbury Reds. Technically they remain part of the same company, but the new brands will be adopted. This mirrors what happened here with Bluestar starting as a sub-brand of Solent Blue Line, then growing to become the main brand itself. Looking at the ticketing pages there is some confusion. Bluestar and W&D, both part of the Go Ahead group, have recognised each other's Explorer day tickets for years, but there's a hint that this will end. Bluestar's website says that their Explorers are valid on W&D, presumably both parts. More's website does not mention Bluestar, so Explorers bought in the New Forest on their buses might no longer be valid on Bluestar. Salisbury Reds do mention Bluestar on the Explorer part of their website, so no change from their side. Maybe it's just an omission on More's part. Let's hope so.

In other news, Romsey has its carnival on Sunday afternoon, which will mean possible delays on Bluestar 4 journeys running between 1430 and 1700. The only other route serving Romsey on a Sunday is Stagecoach 966 which launches this weekend. Its return journey from Paultons Park towards Winchester is due to pass through Romsey at 1720 so it should just miss out on all the delays.

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  1. The omission of Bluestar from the More website for Day Explorers was an error and has now been corrected.