Monday, 7 May 2012

18 up on Sundays / Velvet 46 timetable out

Bluestar have revealed that the change they're making to the 18 from 3rd July is an improvement in the Sunday daytime frequency from 3 to 4 buses an hour. We'll let you know as soon as they release the timetable.

Talking of new timetables, Velvet have released theirs for when they take over most of Stagecoach 46 on 11th June. See it here. Most journeys are amended by only a couple of minutes either way. The main thing to be aware of is that Stagecoach will still be running a couple of journeys on college days and they won't be accepting Velvet tickets, but Velvet (who are running the service under contract to Hampshire County Council) will be accepting Stagecoach returns. For a short while, Velvet will also be accepting some other Stagecoach tickets, but it's best to contact them before travelling to make sure which are valid.

First's complete revamp of their Southampton network has been attracting attention from bus industry watchers nationwide. You might be interested in Isle of Wight-based FatBusBloke's articles on the development of services to Millbrook, over at his Public Transport Experience blog.

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  1. 46 Timetable.

    Stagecoach announced this afternoon the 10th May
    that the 546 part of the 46 Timetable will continue after the 10th June.
    This bus has proved to be a useful part of the 46 Timetable missing out Ashdown Rd and Birdfield as well as providing one of only two buses from Hiltingbury to Romsey a day.