Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Bluestar 1 hope / Diversions in Stubbington & North Baddesley

New timetables are coming to Stagecoach 69 from 19th February and Bluestar 1 from 26th February. No further details yet, but the changes to the 69 could just be minor amendments to those buses numbered 569 that serve Peter Symonds College in Winchester. The changes to Bluestar 1 should be a bit more substantial as Bluestar have been promising to do something about that route's recent poor reliability. We'll let you know as soon as we have more.

Two lots of diversions to advise you of:
  • This Sunday there's a road race in Stubbington, which will affect First 72. Details here.
  • On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of next week there will be a road closure in North Baddesley, causing diversions to Bluestar 4 and 5. Details here.


  1. The change on the 69 just advances the first journey from Winchester by 5 minutes to 0700 - this has been used by far more pupils of Swanmore School than expected and was occasionally arriving into Fareham too late for students wishing to transfer to the First service to South Downs College.

  2. Cheers for the info Dennis, you beat Stagecoach's own website! :-)

  3. Anyone getting their hopes up that the new BS1 timetable will solve the appalling unreliability on the route will be disappointed, an extra 5 mins on some peak hour journeys will just mean they run less late meanwhile the wacky races on the evening journeys remain.