Friday, 9 December 2011

1 woes / Departure boards / Diversions

It's not often that a bus operator will admit that they are having big problems. Bluestar have done just that with a post on their website admitting that they are struggling to provide a reliable service on their flagship route 1. Once such a thing may have been seen as a sign of weakness, but nowadays it appears to be a virtue to recognise where things are going wrong. Better for Bluestar to recognise that there's a problem and confirm that they are looking into solutions than to deny that anything's wrong in the first place. I'd expect them to release a new timetable for that route in the next few weeks.

You can view a live departure board for any bus stop in the UK for free from your computer or mobile. Excluding mobile data charges obviously. NextBuses uses Traveline's timetable database to give a list of departures for your chosen stop, which you can search for by name (that's the bus stop names as used on Google Maps, rather than the name that might actually appear on the stop), postcode, place name or stop code (which is on some bus stop flag signs and on the pdf timetables on Traveline's website). Most of the data is just from the timetable rather than live, but it is still useful if you're not sure when your bus is scheduled to depart. Here's an example of this evening's departures from the Fair Oak Square westbound stop:

First 3, 21 and Unilink U6 will be diverted due to roadworks in Bevois Valley on Monday 12th and Tuesday 13th December. The only stop they won't be able to serve as normal is shown here:
The nearest alternative stop for the 3 and U6 are just up Onslow Road. The 21 should still be able to get into the RSH Hospital grounds.

There are Christmas carols in Fair Oak Square on Monday evening between 1700 and 2100, which means that Bluestar 2, Brijan 8 and Stagecoach 69 won't be able to use the Square. Bluestar 2 will be stopping by the church on Winchester Road during those hours. Brijan and Stagecoach haven't said what they're going to do.

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  1. Blue Line have no control on their buses on the road and it is left to drivers to sort out problems due to late running, bunching etc - there are no road inspectors to help. Are drivers permitted to cut short a route when 2 or more are together ?
    Lets be very careful about changing running times - its probably worse to sit on a bus for ages while it waits for time. Part of the problem can be helped by increasing layover time at the end of each journey rather than increasing running times in most situations