Monday, 20 July 2009

Changes to First 9s, 10s, 16s & 17s this Sunday

First have announced some big changes taking effect on Sunday 26th July:

9 City Centre-Thornhill
Route 9 will no longer continue as the 10 when it arrives in Thornhill. It will instead continue to Hightown, presumably to compete with Bluestar 18. Chessel Avenue will see a reduction in service: it will be no longer be served during the rush hours or in the evenings. The rest of the time, only certain journeys, numbered 9A, will serve Chessel Avenue. It's not yet clear how often the 9A will run - my guess is hourly because the combined 9/9A daytime frequency will remain every 20 minutes. A limited evening service on the 9 is to be introduced - current last bus from the City Centre is at 1920 Mon-Sat. More when the timetable appears online.

10/10A Lordshill-City Centre-Thornhill
Route 10 will no longer continue as the 9 when it arrives in Thornhill. Instead it will just turn around at Fairfax Court. 10E will be withdrawn, leaving Harefield to the new evening buses on the 9. The daytime 10/10A frequency will remain every 10 minutes. More when the timetable appears online.

16 City Centre-Hamble
16A City Centre-Hamble-Hedge End
Routes 16/16A will be rerouted in the City Centre. Instead of serving Queensway, they will now run from Vincents Walk via Hanover Buildings, Bargate Street, West Quay and Castle Way. Times are not expected to change.

17/17A Lordshill-City Centre-Weston
Routes 17/17A will stop running to Weston after goodness knows how many years. They will instead only run between the City Centre and Lordshill. In town, they will run in a circle from Central Station via Portland Terrace and West Quay, Bargate Street, Hanover Buildings, Vincents Walk, Pound Tree Road and back out towards Shirley via the current route along Above Bar Street. 17E is withdrawn, expected to be replaced by 17A in the evenings. The historic last 17A to Weston leaves the City Centre at 2340 on Saturday night.

1/1A City Centre-Weston
This is what replaces the part of the 17/17A being withdrawn. 1 will use the current 17 route via Weston Grove Road and Archery Road and 1A will replace the 17A via Victoria Road and Jurds Lake Way. Still every 10 minutes in the daytime. It's not yet clear what the evening service will look like. More details when the timetable appears online.

The above all take effect on Sunday 26th July. And First haven't yet put the new timetables online. The words 'piss up' and 'brewery' spring to mind.

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