Friday, 30 March 2012

New First network: route 6 analysed

New 6 will follow exactly the same route as old 16, running from town to Hamble. No change to the route at all, just to the timetable. Here's how they compare:
It's all good here. No cut in frequency, just earlier first buses Mon-Sat and later last buses Thurs-Sun. The asterisks indicate when there is a different level of service on different days - the last two weekday journeys only run on Thursday and Friday evenings.

Some peak hour journeys will run via Central Bridge rather than Chapel College. Otherwise all buses will run via Ocean Village as now.

The existing old 16X school journeys become new 6A via Weston Shore and Jurds Lake Way (providing its only bus of the day after the withdrawal of old 1A).

Next, new route 7...

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