Monday, 12 March 2012

Diversions: Bevois Valley & West Totton / Portswood ghost routes?

A couple of diversions to tell you about.

Onslow Road in Bevois Valley is closed until 6 tomorrow morning, causing diversions to Unilink U6 and First 3. The U6 will divert via The Avenue and Lodge Road. First haven't said what the 3 will be doing but we expect it to use the same diversion.

Michigan Way in West Totton is closed for three weeks, meaning diversions for Bluestar 11. Full details here.

Xelabus are expected to be launching two new routes serving the new Sainsbury's in Portswood this week. However, no timetables have emerged for the X13 and X14 and only sketchy route info has been leaked. We're wondering if these routes have been postponed or maybe shelved altogether. We'll let you know if there's any sign of them actually launching.


  1. X14 Timetables up on West-Bound Side of the A27 through Mansbridge.

  2. Seen a lot of X13 stop boards up in Archers Road, and some others in Bitterne Triangle.

  3. Xelabus published a timetable booklet with all of their diverse services in it dated 16 January 2012 - and it includes both the X13 and X14 in it with a start date quoted of 14 March1

    Long distance response from interested busman in Kent!

  4. Bus timetable information was made available mid January. Local Councillors also carried out house to house distribution of timetable publicity. We also provided a launch for press at a Hotel in Portswood which included the attendance of one of our low floor buses and an ex Southampton Corporation bus from the 70's. All bus stops have been furnished with publicity and new flags erected. Our website also holds details of this service AND our bus timetable guide produced in January also shows the X13 and X14 timetable. I do fail to see how information has therefore been sketchy !