Sunday, 21 December 2014

Wheelers W1 temporary timetable tomorrow

Don't forget that Wheelers W1 switches to a temporary timetable as of tomorrow. See it here. The normal timetable resumes on Monday 5th January.

Many bus services will be running to amended timetables over Christmas and the New Year. See the full details here. We'll be posting summaries every day of exactly what will be running to what timetable right across the region.


  1. The Mon-Fri and the Sat timetable are exactly the same ,so why bother with two separate timetables,just do one with Mon-Sat,how difficult can it be ffs!!

    1. Because the timetable is the Traveline PDF download where timetables are maintained in Monday to Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Bank Holidays separately. This allows us to copy different timetables in to the required day. By coincidence Wheelers Monday to Friday (School Holidays) timetable is identical to Saturdays, but for other operators they are not. You will notice also that the separate days are listed for each day across Christmas with notes such as "As Monday to Friday", again these are separate so that things like early finishes, or Saturday operations on the 29-31 December can all be dropped in to a specific day and thus drive the journey planner correctly.
      Ken - Traveline Dorset (Not responsible for Wheelers!!)