Monday, 29 December 2014

Routes being withdrawn this weekend

The following routes are being withdrawn this coming weekend. Here are details of what will replace them:

  • Xelabus C3/C4

These routes around Chandlers Ford and Hiltingbury will run for the last time on Saturday. From Monday, they are replaced by new route X6 and an amended route X7, still operated by Xelabus. North Millers Dale and South Millers Dale will gain a more direct link to Eastleigh, without having to travel via Hiltingbury. See the new X6/X7 timetable here. This is the route that will be taken by Mon-Sat daytime buses:
The X6 will travel towards Hiltingbury via the Millers Dales and towards Eastleigh via Fryern Hill. The X7 will run the other way round. Thurs-Sat Evening and Sunday daytime journeys on the X7 will run via Fryern Hill in both directions to Chandlers Ford only.

  • Bluestar E1/E2

The bus link between Eastleigh and Winchester will transfer from Bluestar to Wheelers from Monday. New timetable here. The short journeys between Eastleigh and Boyatt Wood are withdrawn and replaced by an extended Bluestar 5 - timetable here. This is the route the 5 will take in Boyatt Wood:
Buses will run clockwise around the terminus loop in Boyatt Wood.

  • Bluestar T1/T2

These local routes in Totton will run for the last time on Friday with no replacement. This is due to Hampshire County Council cuts.

  • Bluestar T3/T4

These circular routes between Totton and Cadnam will be run by Bluestar for the last time on Saturday. They then transfer to Wheelers, who will run them just three instead of six days a week: Tuedays, Thursdays and Saturdays. New timetable here. Hampshire County Council cuts again.

  • First H1/H2

These local routes in Totton, Dibden Purlieu and Applemore will be run by First for the last time on Friday. They then switch to Wheelers are are cut from five to three days a week: Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. New timetable here. Blame the county council.

  • First 26

This route between Hedge End and Fareham will run for the last time on Saturday with no replacement. Getting between the two after Saturday will mean a change of buses at Bursledon (Brijan 15 & First X4/X5), Bishops Waltham (Brijan 8 &Stagecoach 69) or Woolston (Bluestar 3 or First 8 & First X4/X5). County council cuts.

  • More 118

The market day (Wednesday) once a week link between Lymington and Ringwood runs for the last time on New Year's Eve with no replacement.

  • Salisbury Reds 34

This link between Romsey and Salisbury runs for the last time on Saturday and will be replaced from Monday by newly diverted journeys on Salisbury Reds X7, numbered X7R. New timetable here.

More to follow on what else is changing this weekend. See a summary here.


  1. Vast improvements for bus passengers for all in Hampshire with the changes in getting about from January 2015-PAC

  2. Bus subsidies are unfortunately a quick way to cut the cash flow. Fortunately they are also a quick way to spend some surplus with political advantage - however they are unlikely to be replacements for the cuts; life and priorities move on and so change is good overall.

    Looking forward to 12 Jan I note on VOSA that the S1, S2 and 15 (was B4) are registered to Western Greyhound (WG) of Cornwall and not Velvet. Same owners and combining assets / debts quickly. The B4 is increased to 5 days a week now from 12th (I think). WG have also registered their first withdrawal with the long haul 510 to Exeter ending on the 21 Feb in the face of further Stagecoach competition.

    1. Yes,a lot to look forward to in 2015 for us all

  3. "

    This route between Hedge End and Fareham will run for the last time on Saturday with no replacement. Getting between the two after Saturday will mean a change of buses at Bursledon (Brijan 15 & First X4/X5), Bishops Waltham (Brijan 8 &Stagecoach 69) or Woolston (Bluestar 3 or First 8 & First X4/X5). County council cuts."

    Or catch the hourly direct train.

    1. Yes,here again another improvement for Hedge End residents in getting to/from Fareham, and another improvement from about the 12th of January when the A becomes S1 and becomes an hourly frequency from every 30 minutes-Lots to look forward too in January for Hedge End residents in getting about by bus

    2. Oh yes,and we must not forget about the improvements in Hedge End to the 15 to Hamble and the 8 on Saturdays between Bishop's Waltham and Eastleigh, which should all encourage the residents to use public transport in the future.

    3. Everybody who lives in Hedge End has a car, it's only people who want to go shopping in Hedge End use the bus, and the vast majority of them are travelling for free with their passes!

    4. Their is a large amount of people all over Hampshire that have passes and cars, so may be it would be better to withdraw all the bus services in Hedge End and the rest of Hampshire because of this fact

    5. Why HCC chose to cut the 26 but keep the pointless 15 in Hedge End is beyond me! People used to travel on the 26 but I don't think I've ever seen anyone on the 15 other than the driver.

      Whilst Hedge End, Botley to Fareham has a direct rail link the bits in between from Botley to Swanwick don't have any form of public transport now with a long lonely walk to the nearest bus stop or rail station.

      The 15 meanwhile serves a few unique roads in Hedge End but then duplicates other bus routes for the rest of the journey. Out of those roads solely served by the 15, all have a reasonably good bus service within walking distance. Should anyone wish to travel from Hamble to Hedge End (and visual observations suggest few if any do), then they can use commercially provided bus services and change in Woolston or Southampton.

  4. Aside from the relatively infrequent routes from Hedge End to Southampton, there are no routes that serve all the main centres and residential areas of Hedge End, so the majority of the population there has no direct connection to the railway station at the far northern end. So anyone wanting to travel to anywhere other than the centres of Eastleigh or Southampton will just hop in their car and use the M27 as it's so much more convenient.