Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Changes this weekend / Stockley statement

We have a few changes happening this weekend, so here's a summary of them all:

More 112 becomes useful from Saturday. For the summer holidays only, rebranded The Beach Bus, it will be running hourly every daytime and is rerouted to serve Lepe Beach, Exbury Gardens and Beaulieu's National Motor Museum. Bluestar Explorers at £8.50 are valid if you want to connect with route 6 at Lymington or routes 8 and 9 in Hythe, or there is a day ticket valid only on the 112 at £6, which you can also use on the iconic and historic Hythe Ferry to really make the most of your day out.

From Sunday, First 4/4A/X4 towards Locks Heath, Fareham, Gosport and Portsmouth become the X4 and X5 with simplified routes and more buses to Fareham. See the new timetables here.

From Monday, Paultons Park gets easier to visit with more journeys on Salisbury Reds X7 running right to the park's entrance. See the new timetable here. Don't forget that if you want to visit Paultons on a Sunday, then you need to use Gardbus 139.

Phil Stockley, formerly of Velvet, has given his informative take on last week's events in a comment to this blog's most recent post. You can read it here. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank him for his regular contributions to this blog's comments and to wish him, Velvet's remaining staff and the company's new owners all the very best for the future.


  1. Nice to see the beach bus back this year again-In being able to purchase a ticket at the Hythe Ferry,for use of the ferry and the bus all day is a great bargain-Let's hope the weather holds for the duration of the operation-PAC

  2. Was nice today to go into the First Travel Shop in Pound Tree Road and pick up a new Gosport and Fareham timetable plus a new Hampshire County Timetable for Hedge End and Eastleigh area-At last a timetable showing who now operates each route, and not having to troll through various sites too see who operates certain bits of certain services such as X7 and E8, and sometimes when you do you can't find them-Although certain minor errors on some services in quickly looking through the book,yet another handy HCC timetable book-PAC

  3. Visited relatives at Hythe at the weekend. The Hythe Pier Railway had copies of the new 112 timetable in a rack plus the New Forest Tour leaflet. No sign of other bus timetables and nearby travel agent had put a sign on their door to clearly indicate that they don't have them!!