Thursday 17 July 2014

Almost all Velvet routes rehomed / Bluestar to Marwell Zoo

Following yesterday's shock news that Velvet have closed down, the other operators in our region have been working very quickly to make sure that none of Velvet's passengers will be left stranded.

Today, Bluestar have confirmed that they will be running route M between Eastleigh and Marwell Zoo from Saturday. Great news for passengers travelling from Southampton, as you can now use a Southampton Plus Dayrider at £5.60 to connect from Bluestar 2 to the M. Before, you needed a Solent Travelcard at £8 to make the same journey.

Bluestar are also running routes S1, S2 and B4.

Xelabus have taken on evening journeys on the X4 and evening and Sunday journeys on the X7.

Wheelers are now running the A between Southampton and Hedge End.

The only route left unclaimed is the E8, which provided evening and Sunday journeys between Eastleigh and Boyatt Wood. It should have been running tonight, so hopefully Hampshire County Council can convince someone to run it in time for tomorrow night's service.


  1. Velvet back on the road again-But how long will this be for this time-The passengers must by now be in total confusion as must the drivers-Where do we go next? - PAC

  2. Just who has bought what precisely?

    All very shambolic and not good for the image of local public transport.

  3. Comments on Velvets Twitter Account:

    Velvet A, B4, S1 and S2 are all running as normal today - we have new owners and we're back on the road!

    @Sideshow_Matt No, it's an established, experienced bus operator but not from this area

  4. they've been bought by this bunch

  5. What is this nonsense? Some sort of fantasy or school project?

  6. So is Bluestar running the S1. S2 and B4 or not?

  7. Great news about the M and don't forget you can also connect with the train - check out the link on and, whether you start your journey by bus or train, by getting to Marwell by bus, you get a discounted entry price

    1. Thanks Mark M.....................

  8. Pleasure - but it's not Mark!!!

  9. A business that has no operator licence, nor does it stand a chance of getting one.

  10. I note today on looking through the Xelabus website,despite all who have made comments about its content and it could be improved,it seems to have fallen on deaf ears. It's no wonder some commentators make adverse comments.