Saturday, 12 October 2013

Velvet route changes from Monday

Most of Velvet's routes get new timetables from Monday. See the full details on their website.

The biggest change is to the S1, which Velvet take over from First, and the S2, both of which have a change of route and timetable.

See the new S1 route here and see a full stop listing and timetable here.

See the new S2 route here and a full stop listing and timetable here.


  1. Good news for the residents of the Upper Shirley and Foundry Lane area that Velvet has been awarded the contracts by Southampton City Council. Their bus drivers are second to none in being friendly and providing a good service to the public. I notice on travelling these routes during the first week of operation that Firstbus have removed all the bus stop flags and timetable cases over the sections of route where they were afixed. I trust soon Velvet will rectify this situation with their bus stop flags and appropiate timetable cases, where they can be fixed on empty bus stop poles,lamposts or bus shelters. On the services I used the first week passengers boarding the buses pointed out to the drivers the fact the bus stop flags were missing and no timetable information,not helped by no timetable available from the drivers.

  2. Now the new bus timetable booklet for velvet is available, may I say what a credit it is to them as being well laid out and the type of a size we can all read. Nice to have everything in one book instead of all those wretched leaflets that some operators ply us with.

    1. I note that travelling along Shirley Road and Shirley High Street a lot of bus stop flags still display Stagecoach service 46, which over this section was withdrawn a long time ago.
      Any chance that this situation could be rectified by there removal. PAC

    2. I note that looking round Southampton City Centre this week that many of the bus stops need the flags updating with with correct route numbers. Some also have no timetable information for all the services that serve particular stops. Where stops have electronic service information not all the services that use the stop are shown,and on stops where there are two shelters provided, the electronic service information is shown for some services on the wrong shelter. I fully realise with what it seems is constant timetable and service number changes within Southampton by the operators,it must be difficult to keep up with keeping the information correct. However for any intending customer it causes confusion. When I last visited the Tourist Information Centre, now within the library in the Civic Centre in Southampton, which was a few weeks ago, the lack of any timetable information that was out on display was evident. There was hardly a timetable for any operator for any one to take a copy, and some of what was available was out of date. This obsevation was in general for all sorts of transport and not a good image for Southampton. When this Tourist Information point was situated in Civic Centre Road, it was excelent for all travel information laid out on shelves, where it was easy to just take a copy of what you wanted and in date. PAC