Thursday, 24 October 2013

No buses through Chapel until May?

CORRECTION: This post is incorrect. See this more recent one for the actual route being taken by First 5.

First have advised of a long-term diversion to their 5. Albert Road North is closed for roadworks until May 2014, so the 5 will run via Ocean Village, the same way as First's other Woolston routes.

Here's how the 5 currently runs (inbound) and will do again once these shenanigans are done:

While the work is on, this is where it will stop heading out of town towards Sholing:

Ignore Vincent's Walk, it'll probably still use its usual stop (BP) at West Quay.

...and heading into town from Sholing:

Again, ignore Vincent's Walk, it's stop CE on Pound Tree Road you need for Bassett Green.


  1. I notice on the Firstbus website under service updates it states as service 5 running the above diversion in both directions via Saltmarsh Road and Canute Road which is not so. The exact route in each direction between Vincent's Walk and Itchen Bridge during the diversion on their website is so poor in relation to what is exactly happening, and reflects just how much they value their patrons.

    1. Ummm.....the route all First buses take via Ocean Village is Canute Road then left at the traffic lights into Royal Crescent Road and then Saltmarsh Road to the roundabout and then right onto Itchen Bridge (and vice-versa heading into town).

      I admit their service update information is a little short but it is accurate!

    2. I note that as from 25th October 2013 all Firstbus services affected by the Itchen Bridge roadworks on the Southampton side of the bridge, will use Canute Road and Saltmarsh Road in either direction. When you look at their website it is very vague as to what happens between Canute Road and City Centre or vice versa during this period, with different versions of route taken by affected services. This as usual is not helped by on most bus stops affected by the diversion no information to any intending passenger as to where there nearest bus stop will be should the bus stop no longer be served during the diversion. PAC

  2. I note that since my statement yesterday 26th October 2013 about the vague route to be taken between Canute Road and City Centre on their services serving Itchen Bridge,Firstbus have overnight removed the reference to certain services such as 3,6,11,12,13 running via Central Bridge,Bernard Street and Queensway inward. All that's left to do now is to make the message about service 5 between Canute Road and City Centre in each direction clear as to the routing. PAC

  3. Well I have seen several 5 buses coming off the Itchen Bridge, along Saltmarsh Road and then left at the lights via Canute Road to Albert Road North and the normal line of route.

  4. After doing a check over the weekend with Firstbus, I can confirm that Firstbus service 5 is still operating via Chapel. It's exact route between the Southampton side of Itchen Bridge and Chapel is via Saltmarsh Road,Royal Crescent Road,Canute Road,Endle Street,Elm Terrace rejoining the normal route at Albert Road North. Going towards Sholing it's the reverse of the above. This is also backed by the obervation of the person shown as anonymous 27 October 2013 20:02 shown on this site. What a pity that the Firstbus website could not be clearer to the general public. PAC