Changes on the way

17th February:
Stagecoach E1/E2, 6A, 46, 63, 66, 67, Xelabus X4, X6/X7, X8, X9, X10: Change.

20th February:
Xelabus X17: Change.

1st March:
Tutty 31: Withdrawn, replaced by Top 31.

3rd March:
First Fareham F3: Withdrawn.
First Portsmouth F2, 10, 11, 20, 21, 27, 28/28A: Change.

4th March:
Southbourne C1: New route launches in Christchurch.

9th March:
Southern Vectis Needles Breezer: Change.

15th March:
First Weymouth 503: Change.

17th March:
More 40, 50, 60: Change.

22nd March:
Xelabus X5: Withdrawn.

24th March:
First Weymouth 502: Change.

6th April:
First Southampton M1: Relaunches for the summer.

7th April:
First Wessex X51, X53, X54, 1, 2, 3, 4, 8, 10, 55, Yellow 1/1a/1b, 2/2h, 3/3a, 4/4a, 5/5a, 6/6b, N5: Change.
Yellow 7: Withdrawn.
Yellow 12: New route between Boscombe and Sandbanks.
Yellow 19: New route between Bournemouth and Tower Park.
Yellow N1: New night route between Westbourne and Christchurch.

8th April:
Unibus U1, U3: Change.

19th April:
First Wessex 501: Change.

21st April:
First Solent Ranger X4: Change.

See the 'Latest News' page for full details of these changes.


  1. Unconfirmed reports today that Bluestar will be ceasing all nightstar services at the end of Feb....

  2. On New Year's Day, Bluestar will also be operating the free City Link bus service to a special timetable which can be found at

  3. Note to admin- On 23rd Feb, N1 and N2 completely cut too, not just a timetable change....The VOSA website shows these routes under the main 1 and 2 service numbers (which have timetable changes), only because they follow the same route as daytime services. All Bluestar night services are consigned to history. Only Unilink U1N will remain. Service 8 will only have an occasional trip beyond Hythe, down to Calshot. Service 9 will be going back to once per hour to Fawley, with 2 per hour to Langley, just like it used to be!

  4. On Easter Sunday, Bluestar will be operating a special timetable on the City Link bus. The timetable can be found at

    There are also changes to the City Link service from Monday 12th May. From this date, passengers on the City Link service will have to pay £1 if they do not have a ticket for the Red Funnel ferry. There will also be a new timetable which can be found at

    The new timetables and the Easter Sunday timetable only have a service once every 30 minutes, rather than every 15 minutes.

  5. Interesting


    Registration Accepted
    Starting Point: Southampton, Bargate Road
    Finish Point: Hedge End
    Via: Bitterne, Thornhill
    Service Number: WA
    Service Type: Normal Stopping
    Effective Date: 01-SEP-2014
    Other Details: Monday to Saturday

  6. The more website states that "local routes in the Lymington area" are running a normal Monday-Friday timetable from 29th-31st of December. These services are 112, 118 and 119 (and also 175, 191 and 193 but these do not appear to be covered by this website). Please note however that X1 and X2 are running a Saturday Service.

  7. Any more ideas as to what is happening with former wheelers e1 and e2?

  8. Quote:
    Yellow 18, 20, 33, 36: Withdrawn
    Yellow C1: Extended to Castlepoint, partly replacing 20.
    Yellow D1: New route Christchurch-Poole replacing 33 and 20.
    Yellow H1: New route replacing 18.
    Yellow U8: New route partly replacing 36.

    To avoid any possible panic, the H1 and U8 are new registrations, but all they are, are renumberings of the 18 and 36 via the same routes as current (although the H1 won't run to/from Bournemouth Station in the peaks). The D1 is just the 33 extended to Poole over the 20 route.

  9. Unless blue Star and more have made a muck up of registering this year's new forest tour dates, the above information is incorrect. It has always started on a Saturday, but the 25th June is a Sunday this year.... However the National park authority website states that the season has been cut to around 9 weeks from 11 weeks this year, and does not commence operation until 8th July. This was also the information given to me when I asked at their offices recently.

    1. The above is now confirmed as starting operation on July 8th, from the New Forest Tour website.

  10. First14 route? Where did you find out about that?

    1. It is not exactly a new route. It is more of a shuttle service between the Ageas Bowl and Airport Parkway.

      It is only in service for a week and is only running on Monday Thursday and Sunday with only a few journeys each way.

      Maybe something to do with the cricket.

  11. How about the blue star 3? Really should be upgraded to a half hourly service

    1. Having needed to get to the far end of Thornhill Park Road yesterday (by the shops) from the centre of town I can agree wholeheartedly with this! Nothing back after about 17:15 either.. Whether it's the 3 or something else, that road needs a more frequent service.

    2. What about First's city red 3? That could easily be extended beyond Fairfax Court to Harefield via Thornhill Park Road, providing a much needed frequency boost in the area.

  12. I read this page a few weeks ago and saw the 11th Sept b*5 change, yet it was only registered in this weeks TC report. How did you know so far in advance?

  13. Yellow Buses heading out to Ringwood (not long after another route was cancelled) and New Milton?! Seems odd when they keep changing their core routes every 10 minutes.

    1. Probably positioning moves for Brock routes and to annoy more/W&D/GSC

  14. The Yellows X38 on 18th December looks to just be an additional day of running after Brock college breaks up.

  15. I’m very sorry but this page is a mess to read on mobile. Different fonts, colours, sizes on all the text, makes it a very hard read!

    1. Read on a pc instead then problem solved.

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  17. As seems to happen every year, the dates for the new forest tour are incorrectly shown here. The tour commences on Saturday 7th July 2018, as confirmed by the new forest tour info website.

  18. More will now be running a special timetable on route 50 on Boxing Day. The timetable is available here:

  19. Tutty 31? I haven't even heard of it. Which route does it operate?