Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Bournemouth, Poole & Salisbury changes from 3rd September

There are many changes across our region happening on 3rd and 4th September. Click here for those in Fareham and here for Southampton, Eastleigh & Winchester.

Here's what's changing across Bournemouth, Poole & Salisbury on Yellow Buses, More, First Dorset & Salisbury Reds. Click on the route name/number for the new timetables:

Yellow B2 Bournemouth-West Moors: Extends beyond Bearwood to West Moors, largely replacing the B4.

Yellow B4 Bournemouth-West Moors: No longer runs to Ringwood. Cut back to be a peak-hour service only.

Yellow C1 Alum Chine-Castlepoint: Reverts to winter timetable.

Yellow P3 Bournemouth-Somerford: Minor timetable changes.

Yellow P4 Westbourne-Southbourne: Minor timetable changes.

Yellow R1/R2 Poole-Bournemouth Hospital: Minor timetable changes.

Yellow R4/R5/R6 Bournemouth Hospital-Kinson/Christchurch: The R4 is split into three routes... The R4 and R5 will run from the hospital to Kinson, R4 via Columbia Road & West Howe, R5 via Leybourne Avenue & East Howe Lane. R6 will run between the hospital and Christchurch. The section of route between Christchurch and Somerford via Mudeford is withdrawn. Mudeford is still served by More X1/X2. See a map of the new routes here.

Yellow U5 University-Lansdowne: Service withdrawn.

Yellow U6 Bournemouth-Bearwood: Extra journeys to replace the withdrawn U7.

Yellow U7 Bournemouth-Bearwood: Withdrawn and replaced by extra journeys on the U6.

First Dorset X54 Poole-Weymouth: Minor timetable changes.

More X1 Bournemouth-Lymington: Minor timetable changes.

Salisbury Reds X7 Southampton-Salisbury: The 1645 journey from Salisbury will revert to terminating at West Wellow instead of continuing to Southampton. Please note that the last bus from Paultons Park back to Southampton will now be at 1628 instead of 1745.

Salisbury Reds 66 Salisbury-Idmiston: Minor changes.


  1. Southern Vectis are the first to announce their Christmas services,which includes the now usual skeleton service on selected services on Christmas day.Apart from Christmas day,they are running a Sunday service on Boxing and New Year`s day and a normal service on other days,though nightbuses will run on New year's Eve.

    1. Feel sorry for the poor drivers working on Christmas Day.

    2. Maybe they offered? Many companies offer pay incentives.

      I ain't going to sniff at £65 an hour at my company for a 12 hour shift; we do not hold Christmas in high regard other than a commercial event now!

    3. Yes, my understanding is that the Christmas Day service on IoW is run by drivers who put themselves forward to work

  2. There are later buses extended to Bournemouth on the X6. Journey times have been extended and as a consequence afternoon journeys run about 15-20 minutes later than in the morning.

    Other changes are a reduced 38 (Ringwood- Ferndown) and later buses on the Ringwood circular.

    1. More Bus will be introducing route U5 as part of their Unilink network. It will run between Talbot Campus and Home Park halls in Lansdowne. There is also an earlier first bus to Lymington on the X1 and further afield, the 10 has a revised route in Lytchett Matravers.

    2. Thanks for reminding us. Most of More's changes happen on 17th September though, not this weekend. We'll have more on those nearer the time.

  3. I have to say, I am quite disappointed with what Yellow Buses have done to their network in the past 12 months. We now have:

    No bus service to Hurn village.
    Longer journeys to West Moors from Bournemouth.
    Longer journeys to Bournemouth Airport from the town centre.
    No direct buses between Poole and Christchurch.
    Only one bus per hour between Bearwood and Kinson.

  4. First X54, you say minor changes. In fact Sunday services on this route ceased last Sunday until next Summer and from the end of September, the Saturday journeys are also lost.

    In yesterday's Dorset Echo Weymouth area many residents were unhappy with this autumns seasonal changes.

  5. ... regarding YB B2/B4 and West Moors: what is not immediately apparent, if you don't live here, is that by truncating the service at the War Memorial, a large section of the community is not served. There is one large residential estate (Farm Road), several large retirement complexes and other residential 'clusters' to the north of the Memorial - and as these ladies and gents are not necessarily that mobile, they're not going to walk back and forth just to get the YB. Morebus (X6) will be the beneficiary. I do wonder if the planners in YB cottoned-on to that?

    1. When Yellows used a local road further north they often found that the route was blocked by parked vehicles.

  6. The changes to First Wessex services are fairly drastic, reducing the frequency of the X51 and X53 (sections Weymouth/Dorchester to Bridport from hourly to two hourly). The X52 to Exeter is also reduced to just two journeys.

    The 40 from Bridport to Yeovil is also under threat as another operator deregistered it due to loss of school contracts in the area. Not clear if or what Dorset CC may financially support.

    Most 'village services' in Dorset were withdrawn in July due to £1.8m cut in funding and policy change by Dorset County Council. They expect community transport to fill the rural gaps.