Saturday, 27 May 2017

New timetables on most More routes from Sunday

From Sunday 28th May, there are new timetables on most routes operated by More. See the full details and timetables on More's website here. See their new network map here.

The main changes are:

The M2 is extended further into Southbourne. Its terminus stop will now be Southbourne Crossroads.

The 128 is withdrawn and partially replaced by a change to route 10.

Don't forget that all upcoming bus changes across our region are listed as soon as we hear about them on this page.


  1. Looks like the M2 route map is incorrect unless the bus does a 3 point turn at the terminus !

    1. There is a roundabout just round the corner from the first/last stop. My guess is it will use that.

    2. Correct, a dead run via the roundabout on the overcliff drive

  2. The new Morebus timetable is generally an improvement with additions, some seasonal but also additional earlier on some routes including the 13 and X3. Whereas the recent Yellow Buses timetable cut a number of services with very now operating after 10.00 p.m.

    One other is the diversion of the Ringo two to the new LIDL store.

    As I said in an earlier post on the last thread was - One wonders how many passengers will travel to LIDL as both operators currently operate in a clockwise loop. With frozen food it will deteriate by the time passengers get home.

    The new LIDL store is about a mile South East of Ringwood town centre and any one returning home will have to use two buses to return home via the Furlong, town centre terminus.

    Perhaps the operators could consider taking one of their alternative routes in an anti-clockwise direction from LIDL?

  3. The Dorset cuts are now with us - some 20 Damory cancellations for the end of July with a few Shaftesbury & District. Just at the start of the school holdays - how convenient Dorset CC.

  4. Re Dorset bus cuts, the Dorset Echo have an excellent article published today.