Thursday, 30 June 2016

Blue to the zoo? Noo!

In a couple of weeks time, many zebra sculptures will start appearing in and around Southampton as part of a summer-long promotional event by Marwell Zoo.

What does this have to do with buses? Well, Bluestar are ever so proud to be sponsoring one of the zebras, which will indeed be bright blue.

This new tie up means that if you fancy a day out at Marwell Zoo, surely a Bluestar bus is the obvious way to travel. Except they don't go there. The only bus route to run right to the entrance of Marwell Zoo is First M1.

The nearest Bluestar will get you is the top of Sandy Lane on the 2, which is a 40 minute walk away, much of it on narrow lanes without footpaths. Awkward!


  1. But isn't First also sponsoring one of the Zany Zebras?

  2. South West Trains are sponsoring one with no station near to the zoo

    So are Cunard and P&O and ABP Southampton, but there isn't a port within walking distance either..

    So what's your point SBB? lol