Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Christmas Eve buses

Here's how our region's buses will be running on Christmas Eve:

Bluestar, More, Salisbury Reds: Normal full Thursday service.

First: Saturday service with early finish, except for routes B1/B2/B3, which will have a weekday service.

Stagecoach: Thursday service with early finish.

Xelabus: Weekday service with early finish.

Unilink: Vacation Thursday service with early finish.

Here are those early finishing last bus times in full:


Route 66 
20:30 Winchester to Romsey; 21:05 Romsey to Winchester 

Service X4 – 1845 from Eastleigh Bus Station
Service X7 – 2015 from Eastleigh Bus Station
Service X8 – 2000 from Eastleigh Bus Station

U1A 2105 Southampton Central Station
U1C 2105 Airport Parkway Station
U6C 2035 Southampton General Hospital
U6H 2034 NOCS

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