Saturday, 11 July 2015

Xelabus to take on Brijan Tours' routes

Brijan Tours becomes just a coach operator from 6th September, with all of their routes transferring to Xelabus. Here's what will happen route by route:

  • Brijan between Southampton and Bishops Waltham becomes Xelabus X10
  • Brijan 8 from Eastleigh to Bishops Waltham via Colden Common and Hedge End becomes Xelabus X9
  • Brijan 8B Eastleigh market day service to Botley will become part of Xelabus X15, running 6 days a week instead of the current 1
  • Brijan 15 between Hamble and Hedge End will become Xelabus X15, be extended to Eastleigh and will run 6 days a week instead of the current 3
  • Brijan 17 between Bishops Waltham and Petersfield becomes Xelabus X17

Existing Xelabus routes X5, X24 and X56 will be withdrawn, although the X24 will be back next summer.

The first week of September sees timetable changes to many local routes:
  • First 6
  • Bluestar 1, 5, 9, 18
  • Stagecoach 46, 66, 69
  • Salisbury Reds X7, X7R
  • Xelabus X1, X2, X3, X4, X6, X7, X11

Full details on those nearer the time.

The next change, on Sunday 19th July will be to First 8 - that's the end of the Botley extension and cuts to evening services to Hedge End. See the new timetable here.

From this Sunday, More 112 between Hythe and Lymington becomes Beach Bus 99 and actually useful for days out for a few weeks only. CORRECTION: Beach Bus 99 operated by More will run this summer in addition to the virtually useless More 112. See full details here.


  1. A lot happening in September it would seem

  2. I think the Beach Bus is in addition to the 112.Traveline do not show 112 as ceasing for the summer and I am sure the summer changes on W & D said the Beach Bus was in addition to the 112

  3. The 112 is staying with the same timetable,but the Beach Bus now being numbered 99 is running a slightly more direct route between Beaulieu and Lymington-Shame this year it's starting so late,although More have now advanced the start date to 19th July 2015-Full timetable on Traveline together with route map

  4. Well...

    I must admit that I am impressed at what Xelabus have done with the services they are inheriting.

    IF they can make a success of the enhancements to the X15 then I will be very impressed; but they really must commit to it as well as make it abundantly clear to the locals if this is a "use or lose it" offer.

  5. Quite agree-use it or lose it-People who use buses are always complaining about lack of evening buses,but when they were there hardly a passenger could be seen on them-In Southampon many services operate quite late into the evening,but most of the week after 2000 hours,there is no one on them-As a example the First 12 passes where live (Bitterne), which at present most of the week after 2000 runs every half hour with just the driver on board-I expect if Frst withdrew the service or cut the frequency, they would be inundated with complaints-I note Hedge End area seems to have had many cuts in recent times,but on looking at loadings on the buses of the various operators that serve the area I'm not surprised

  6. 15 or the new X15 should be a good one. The old 26 before the Brijan 15 in the Lowford/Netley/Botley area always had people on it. One was me! Unfortunately HCC's survey was prob carried out as always at the wrong time - like it was raining heavily or on a school hols day!

  7. Timetable amendments also noted for First 3 and 7 in Southampton as from 6th september 2015

  8. Funny that the changes to First's 7 are registered as commencing on 6th September 2016.... Who employs these people?!

  9. I note a posting today on First Bus Enthusiast a list of bus services change for Southampton as from 6th september 2015-When you look at the list it makes you wonder wether First will ever get their operation in Southampton reasonabaly stable without constant change-I wonder in the end what the Bluestar reaction will be to certain aspects of the change

  10. I think you wil find there has been little change for the last 2 years so does not seem unreasonable for change.

  11. If it was working correctly even after 2 years you would not need to change it,apart from say minor time changes,so are you saying after two years everythhing should be changed yet again

  12. Proposed changes to First Southampton bus network from 6th September will be issued by them sometime next week on their website

  13. Although not yet confirmed by Bluestar,I'm told the Bluestar 1 will have a 15 minute frequency once again

    1. It is confirmed on their website now!!

  14. The September 2015 changes for Bluestar can be viewed now on the HCC website