Tuesday, 24 December 2013

No buses on Christmas Day

None of our local operators will be running any buses on Christmas Day.

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  1. Good. I think when buses work 364 days a year as it is, the people who make it work should be entitled to at least one day where they can stop and rest.

    Why operate on a day when it will be quiet? Boxing Day is a completely different kettle of fish as the sales begin and there is a demand for service which can be comfortably accommodated by Volunteer staff.

    Think of Wilts & Dorset's Poole based staff tomorrow as you eat your Christmas lunch. I wonder if it will be run by volunteers or by press ganged new start drivers all on the Damory rate of pay?

    Think of the back up needed to run this operation and it's one on call fitter and one supervisor and a manager. Running buses is a virtually impossible thankless job at times and one I am pleased not to have.