Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Bluestar round up: Nights, New Forest & Winchester

Bluestar have some changes to their night buses from 7th June. The city centre route is being harmonised across all of the services and some extra journeys will run on certain routes. It's not yet clear whether this also affects Velvet N6 and N8. More as we get it.

Go Ahead's New Forest Tour relaunches on 29th June and looking at the number of routes that have been registered, it promises to be bigger and better than before.

Bluestar 1 is affected by evening roadworks in Winchester all this week.


  1. There are no changes to Velvet N6 and N8.

  2. I see there is a registration for a new service W1 from Romsey to Southampton by Wheelers Coaches. Anyone know if its a full service or just works or schools?
    (I live out of area).


  3. Full service

  4. No mention of it that I can see on their own website,and I can't find it on Traveline.Any idea what the service will be,or what vehicles are to be used please?

  5. Full VOSA details:

    From: Romsey Bus Station
    To: Southampton, Vincents Walk
    Via: Chilworth
    Name or No: W1
    Service Type: Normal Stopping
    Effective Date: 01-Jul-2013
    Other Details: Monday to Saturday.

  6. The Wheelers venture would probably be the ruination of them, IF it is a headlong attack on Bluestar. Having just seen off First from Marchwood/Hythe, you can only imagine what they would do to Wheelers! Bluestars 4 route is right on the edge of needing 3 buses per hour, and I doubt that they would blink if they had to up it to 4, to see off any attack. I can only suspect that it may just be an attempt to use a dead school bus, a couple of times per day, but if it is anything more, I dont think it will last as long as the First Marchwood attack, unless Mr Wheeler has a lot more money than it would appear from the outside!

  7. It is not an attack on Bluestar 4 as it says it is running via Chilworth where the 4 runs via North Baddesley and Lordshill

  8. Without a timetable it is difficult to imagine what might be - perhaps a new Buddens Coaches (from the early Blue Line days) route - 2 early am in plus 1 pm out in peak hours or a new route 62 as immediately prior to Blue Line starting up.
    Bluestar would probably get very upset with any competition on BS4 or 5 Romsey/Baddesley and even more upset with any competition on BS1 (Centre/Chilworth Roundabout). This would just leave Chilworth Village as a 'free from competition' pick up point which is hardly a busy potential pick up point
    Time will tell