Thursday, 20 December 2012

Bluestar doesn't want your comments

Bluestar have changed the settings of their Facebook page so that visitors cannot make a new post - they can now merely comment on posts that Bluestar have made.

The page hasn't been handled very well by Bluestar until now as most of the posts were complaints that presumably went unread (by Bluestar that is, other passengers certainly did read them) and unresponded to. Bluestar had a choice to either staff the Facebook page properly or to censor it - and they chose censorship.

There are some interesting opinions on this in the comments section over on Omnibuses, but what do you think?

I can't help thinking that roles are being reversed: First still allow visitors to post and they respond to them - they're really getting their act together considering what their reputation was like a year ago. Bluestar on the other hand...


  1. Bluestars approach is not the way forward for social media.

  2. The problem with all social media sites, is that anyone can post absolute nonsense, then someone else has to investigate it, only to find that it didnt ever happen! It happens all the time with late night drunks who have missed their bus home, blame the bus driver for leaving early, only for the operator to track the vehicles trace, and find that it operated properly.The good news is that anyone can still e-mail Bluestar directly and get a response. I actually think Bluestar have got this right, not wrong!