Thursday, 29 November 2012

Jurds Lake Way gets its buses back on Monday

Jurds Lake Way, near Weston, was cut off from the bus network in April when First withdrew the 1A. Well,  the 1A is back from next Monday. Why First haven't made more of a song and dance about this is anyone's guess. The route will be the same as the 1, apart from the diversion to serve Jurds Lake Way:

All routes operated by First unless otherwise stated.

For those on the section of route served only by the 1A, here's what the timetable will be:

The full new timetable for the 1/1A can be found here.

Jurds Lake Way lies outside First's pink zone, so the £3.20 FirstDay City will not be valid. The cheapest day ticket available will be the £4 FirstDay Southampton.

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