Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Xelabus website back, buses cut / Shirley Warren diversion

Xelabus have got their website working normally again. While it was down (and major browsers were warning of potential malware attacks), it appears that the X13 and X14 had yet another route and timetable change to become the X14 and X15, which will run for the last time this Friday due to low usage. One can't help thinking that those routes may have performed better if the passengers had a way to find out about them and if the routes weren't altered seemingly every month.

Sticking with Xelabus, their X5 becomes the X3 from 28th August. The route stays the same, but operating hours are cut drastically. The Saturday service is cut completely. It's a shame to see this route shrivel as it provides an important link between Valley Park and Eastleigh. I wonder if Xelabus's non-participation in PlusBus could be an issue here - there must be plenty of people in Valley Park who could use a bus to get them to Eastleigh rail station for a commute up towards London, but were put off the X5 by its already limited running hours and the fact that Eastleigh's PlusBus add-on ticket (available with train tickets to/from Eastleigh) is not recognised by Xelabus.

There are roadworks in Shirley Warren until Sunday causing diversions to First 3 and 10.


  1. Xelabus X5

    The truth is the demand for a bus between
    Valley Park and Eastleigh is very low, almost
    non existent.

    In fact the only bus which the residents of
    Valley Park seem interested in is the 46
    which they use to get them to the Royal
    Hants County Hospital and for shopping
    / work in Winchester.

    Of course Velvet have managed to see an
    end to that, with their yes we would like
    the contract / no we do not want
    the contract, routine. I have seen more
    maturity from a five year old child.

    I will try to comment more on the situation
    with Xelabus on Valley Park when I have more

  2. I have found more time.

    Xelabus X5

    When Velvet had the C bus running through
    Valley Park last year it was found that
    virtually no one from Valley park was using
    it especially during the afternoon. If there
    were people on it they were travelling
    through Valley Park from Eastleigh to
    Hiltingbury etc.

    The wife of one of the councillors for
    Valley Park often found that she was
    the only person from Valley park on the bus.

    As a result any money put into it from Test
    Valley was taken away by the council
    itself and used to help provide buses to
    out lying villages in Test Valley.

    More to follow.

    1. Xelabus X5


      At the same time that the Velvet C bus pulled
      out of Valley Park ( Oct 2012 ) a small group of residents ( approx. 5 or 6 ) started to complain in very strong terms. They seem to have been successful; for in the middle of January along came Xelabus.

      Now nine months later Xelabus have discovered
      that Velvet and the local councillors were telling the truth all the time. There is little demand for a bus from Valley Park to Eastleigh.

      Exactly why is not clear.

      There are lots of older people, who’s health prevents them from driving, queuing up outside the polling stations on polling day. So how do they get to the shops etc. ?? Probably driven by relatives and friends.

      Some older people would not use Velvet, because the bus did not drive into the Asda car park. Xelabus do drive into the Asda car park and still the older people are not using
      the bus.

      Older people who live north of Birdfield in the Katrine Crescent area use the 46 so as to avoid the road humps in Birdfield. That’s why Xelabus dropped Katrine Crescent some months ago.

      About 20-25% of younger people are within walking distance of Chandlers Ford station. You could be right Xelabus's non-participation in PlusBus may be a issue here. The other 75% of rail users being driven to Chandlers Ford and Eastleigh stations by relatives.

      It is sad but the truth is some people in this county will not go to Eastleigh, because they feel it is different to other areas.

      Now the residents are about to find themselves with no bus at all on
      Saturdays and Sundays and only Xelabus between 9.00-2.00 on weekdays. Most of the residents from Valley Park who use the
      46 have no idea what Velvet are about to do to them.

      End of epistle.

    2. Velvet seem to have been talking to Hampshire County Council about the 46. The result is that from 3rd september to 28th September Velvet are going to put on a 07.15 Southampton General - Winchester and a 16.45 Winchester - Southampton General.
      This should help anyone going to IBM and the Royal Hants County as well as straight to the bus station from the area of the General and Rownhams.