Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Velvet to Hamble, Marwell & Pompey / First revamp Fareham routes

Here's a summary of changes which are on the way:

Velvet A: From 2nd April, two return journeys a day will run between Eastleigh and Hamble, restoring direct buses between the two. From 29th April, the main service from Eastleigh to Hedge End & Boorley Green gets a new timetable plus one return journey each weekday will extend to Portsmouth of all places!

Velvet C1/C2: New timetable from 29th April with only minor changes.

Velvet M: Starts running between Eastleigh and Marwell Zoo hourly every Saturday, Sunday and bank holiday from Good Friday 6th April.

Bluestar N3/N16: These two night bus routes transfer to Velvet as of 29th April.

First 56: Withdrawn after the last bus on Thursday 5th April. The whole route is already covered by either Bluestar 2, Brijan 8, Velvet A or Brijan 15.

First 72/80: Withdrawn as of 22nd April and replaced by new route with buses to Fareham, Gosport and Portsmouth, currently scheduled to be numbered 4 and X4. The route number could change as there are already two route 4s in Southampton, one operated by First itself.


  1. 4 replaces 72
    4A will run as 72 to Warsash then 57 to Fareham
    X4 will run as 80 to Fareham then X57 to Portsmouth

    It will become 4 buses per hour Locks Heath to Southampton; but 78C withdrawm

  2. Do you know offhand if all the new 4's/4a's/x4's will be going via the same routes (roads) to Warsash (72) & Fareham (80) before they go off on pastures new?

  3. I understand so; sorry I was not quite clear that I was starting each one in Southampton.

    So for example the 4A will run via the current 72 route to Warsash, then the current 57 route to Fareham. I would assume Church Road/Osbourne Road will not be served now though (?)