Tuesday, 21 September 2010

First & Bluestar timetable changes in October

As well as the routes listed in the previous post, more timetable changes are on the way for the following bus services:

24th October:
First 1/1A (City Centre-Weston)
First 7/7A (City Centre-Bassett Green/Millbrook Tesco)
First 17/17A (City Centre-Lordshill)
First 72 (City Centre-Gosport)
The previously mentioned changes to route A (Eastleigh-Boorley Green) will affect the Mon-Sat evening journeys operated by First only. Velvet's daytime and Stagecoach's Sunday journeys on the A won't be affected.

31st October:
Bluestar 1 (City Centre-Winchester)
Bluestar 2 (City Centre-Fair Oak)
Bluestar 4 (City Centre-Romsey)
Bluestar 9 (City Centre-Waterside)
Bluestar 18 (Millbrook-Hightown)

More details as and when the bus companies make them available.

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