Thursday, 23 July 2009

First publish new timetables & BlueStar confirm diversion

BlueStar have confirmed that the diversions in Bishopstoke from Monday 27th July will also affect BabyBlueStar F. Until 10th August from Eastleigh, it will run via Bishopstoke Road, Fair Oak Road and Sayers Road, rejoining the normal route on Hamilton Road. After 10th August, the F will probably go from Eastleigh via Bishopstoke Road, Riverside, Church Road, Stoke Park Road, round the Stoke Common loop and then along Underwood Road towards Fair Oak. Diversions after 10th August are still to be confirmed, so watch this space or follow Bluestar's Facebook page. They're not the only local operator to make the most of technology: Velvet are on Facebook and Twitter.

First have put their new timetables online. They take effect on the 9s, 10s, 16s and 17s plus the new 1s on Sunday 26th July. A summary of the changes is a couple of posts below. Here are a few more details:

1/1A City Centre-Weston
Replacing the 17/17A on this part of the route. Victoria Road and Jurds Lake Way are cut down to 2 weekday daytime buses and just 1 Saturday daytime bus an hour on the 1A (was 3 an hour on the 17A), while Archery Road and Weston Grove Road jump up to 4 an hour on the 1 (was 3 an hour on the 17). Combined Saturday daytime frequency drops from 10 to 12 minutes. Sunday service stays more or less the same, half hourly 1 throughout, with the last bus from town 30 mins later than before at 2347.

9/9A City Centre-Thornhill
Extended to Hightown. Fewer buses for Chessel Avenue, served only by the 9A every 20 minutes between approximately 1000 and 1500 Mon-Sat. 9 operates via Bitterne Road West outside those hours. Evening services are introduced, meaning the last bus from town is now at 2203Mon-Sat/2208Sun (was 1920Mon-Sat/1708 Sun).

10/10A Lordshill-City Centre-Thornhill
No more through services to Harefield, now served by the later running 9. Minor changes to times. 10A to Thornhill stops running earlier, with last bus via North East Road leaving town at 1802MF/1818Sat/1654Sun (was 1913Mon-Sat/1654Sun).

16 City Centre-Hamble
16A City Centre-Hamble-Hedge End

Route change in City Centre. No major changes to times. 2134 from City Centre to Hamble no longer runs on Saturdays, leaving a 2 hour gap before the last bus at 2234.

17/17A City Centre-Lordshill
No longer runs to Weston, replaced by 1/1A. Minor changes to times. Sunday daytimes see an increase from 2 to 3 buses an hour (every 40 minutes on each route). Last 17 to Lordshill via Mansell Road West and Lower Brownhill Road now leaves town at 1830MF/1832Sat (was 1925MF/1926Sat) with no change on Sundays. The last Sunday bus on the 17A is now 28 minutes later at 2331.

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